Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Super Improver Rookies!

These guys all have moved up the Super Improver chart to the next level through their hard work, participation and all the other big and little things that make a great student. I sent them straight to the office (where they got stickers, a cheer and a photo snapped!). 

Friday, October 23, 2015

New Recruits!

What a great bunch I have in class this year-they are kind and want to work hard at learning! AND, we did another "bring something from where you are from" to celebrate this year's harvest. I didn't eat breakfast and won't eat dinner...still full. Here they are in front of the map with their food and the name of the country/continent it is from:
 Egg rolls!

 It looked like black bean soup but it was a dessert item and you put crushed peanuts in it-YUM!

 I wish you could see this close up-another dessert item. It is layered and delicious!

 Cheese, chocolate and cookies from Norway!


 His sister's cupcakes...SO good!


 Cookies from Safeway!

 A dessert bread from Guatemala....

 Quesadillas in dat box...

 More egg rolls...

 I don't know the name of these little bundles of deliciousness..

 Desserty and yummy.

 Just cute. and look at all that food....

Sorry L.... had to post these!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lake Wilderness Field Trip!

We got to study an ecosystem and learn about how scientists collect data on the health of it.